Contact  Management System Project PHP mysql

Contact  Management System Project PHP mysql

Contact management system is a software or application which are used by different individuals and companies to save contact details of the people which they are interacted to e.g : Friends,customers and their own staff to contact them easily.

Functional Requirements Of Contact  Management System Project PHP mysql

  • Contact details like their phone numbers,email addresses and and their residential addresses,meetings time etc.
  • Contact management system should have a search bar and provide tags with different names of their contacts to make it easy during direct searching any specific contact.
  • Contact details should be saved with their names to find it easily next time when it needed.
  • Context should be added like where,how or why you met with that particular contact to remember their details.
  • Sometimes humans dont remember the exact time of their meetings with clients or friends,so for that contact reminders should be designed in the system, which will remind that details through alarm of any automated email, so it will never be missed.
  • Reminders for events related to your contacts to never miss them.
  • For big organizations there should be one main centrailized database systems in order to provide access to all branches of that organization.

For personal use:

We have mobile contacts applications in our mobile phones which is very commonly used these days by everyone and there is no need of any new or separate software or device because the main purpose of this system is to make and manage everything very easily,so the above main software management is very benefitial for organizations and companies in their professional use.

Source code, Documentation, SRS, Design document, test phase testing, project introduction, scope, abstract, test manual, use case diagrams, class diagrams, DFD, entity relationship diagra, and data base files are available on demand. This project is helpful for the final year project of students of computer science,  SE and IT.

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