Petrol pump management system Project PHP

Petrol pump management system Project PHP

Functional requirements of Petrol pump management system are as following:

  • Staff has to make an account.
  • Staff can login and logout and check their sales.
  • User has to login and make his profile.
  • User can use his/her exiting account also.
  • Admin has authority to verify the user account.
  • Only Admin can delete record.
  • Only admin can update the record.
  • Admin can edit all the records.
  • Only owner is able to view fuel level and sales.
  • Show the history of sales to the only to admin.
  • Display sales trend and history
  • Provide accurate sale report.
  • Only owner can edit the prices and record.
  • fuel can easily dissipate,
  • having excess quantities could lead to fuel loss for the pumps will costing them financially.
  • Sale reports are useful to keep a track of payments.
  • maintain sales register and purchase register.
  • Advanced Accounting with Analytics.
  • Get Assistance on Fuel Price Risk Management.
  • Petrol should be provided after the payment is done.
  • The customer can swipe credit card thorough card reader for verification and valid card will approved for transaction.
  • The customer selects the type of fuel he wishes to use.
  • The pump should be active.
  • The transaction is terminated when the cash limit is reached or when the nozzle is returned.
  • A receipt is printed for the customer.
  • The fuel stock is updated.
  • The gas station security can be further improved to prevent credit card fraud by requiring a more personal detail.
  • A status message to the customer when validating credit cards that the activity is in progress and not failed.
  • The system is certified according to the Health and Safety Regulations.
  • The system should be easy to extend so that any new payment option can be updated with minimal effort.

Source code, Documentation, SRS, Design document, test phase testing, project introduction, scope, abstract, test manual, use case diagrams, class diagrams, DFD, entity relationship diagram and database files are available on demand. This project is helpful for the final year project of students of computer science,  SE and IT.

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