E-Commerce website Functional and Non functional requirements

Requirement Analysis

Problem Statements:

In the existing system, the charges of each plugin are so high as well as there are some security issues with free plugins and users don’t want to take risks. Likewise, Users have to pay installation charges to get that plugin so there should be a one-time payment instead of every 6th-month charge.


  • To provide a WordPress extension website for E-commerce users.

System Requirements:

Efficiency Requirement:

  • After getting our product from the customer, surely it will work efficiently; there will be no security issue as well. Similarly, the sales will definitely increase when having details of each product.

Reliability Requirement:

  • The system should provide a reliable environment for both customers and owners. All orders should be reaching the admin without any errors.

Usability Requirement:

  • The product will provide a facility to eCommerce site users.

 Implementation Requirement:

  • For the frontend, we have included different languages for our product as CSS, html and OOP and C++ functions whereas the backend involves jQuery, CSS, HTML, PHP and also OOP and C++ functions. To save our data in the database admin should have a database in sql like sales of all products must save in the database.

Database Securities:

There will be no access to another person or unauthorized person to make any kind of changes in the product except the admin.

Functional Requirements:

  • The extension will count and display when the product is sold.
  • The extension will provide login details to only admin So that only admin can access that product.
  • The product will also display the no of days remaining of sales on a special product.
  • Color picker to define text and background-color
  • Enable item sold counter for product details page

Non-Functional Requirements:


It’s the most important thing we are concerned with. We will provide security to our users and their valuable things.


  • The product will be reliable.


  • The product will be flexible and have maintenance facilities.


  • Our product is designed to achieve a defined goal effectively, efficiently, and satisfactorily. We measure a design’s usability throughout the development process from wireframes to the final deliverable to ensure maximum usability.


  • Our project is reliable enough that will perform its intended function adequately for a specified period of time, or will operate in a defined environment without failure.
  • Our project is a consistent, predictable experience when used or observed. If failure or unforeseen issues occur, the user is not left with a poor experience such as an ugly “Page not Found” error, or a blank screen with a spinning automated image

Tools and Languages

The selection of tools assumes a crucial part in building up an application.

Following are the tools used for the proposed system development:

  • Xampp
  • MySQL database
  • JAVA Script
  • PHP
  • Sublime Text3

Problem Definition

Existing system:

As there are thousands of free as well as paid plugins that WordPress provides for its users. These plugins basically have different working capabilities to provide user facilities whether to secure their site or extra features they are looking for.

The disadvantage of the Existing system:

In the existing system, there is no such functionality that can inform customers about the sold count, or the sales. Many people are not aware of sales or they can’t remember dates, for this reason, we design product sales counter and counter countdown, which helps customers to buy more products at discounted prices. Previously, 50% of customers knew about the sales, in other words, people who are more social are aware of sales like Azadi sales, summer sales, etc.

So, as a result, the total sale of the company was decreasing. To get more profit, eCommerce websites need functionality from which they can grab customer attention toward their products, and they want to update their customers about the upcoming sales.

The biggest marketing strategy to sell more is to create a “Fear of Missing Out” (FOMO). Nowadays, everything is in a rush and customers scroll through web pages rather than reading the page’s content. This customer behavior makes e-commerce more challenging. So, your online store must have potential features to quickly convert your website visitors into customers.

Proposed System and its Benefits:

Well, the Sale countdown timer is one potential marketing strategy to boost your online revenue. The countdown timer creates sales urgency and your customers will be forced to make a quick buying decision.

So basically, an E-Commerce website is useful as it adds social proof and urgency. If a customer sees an item has only a few lefts in stock and several people have purchased it then they will snap it up before it’s gone.

If customers see something is popular and selling fast, they won’t want to miss out and they’ll buy it now rather than waiting or thinking about it. It actually boosts your conversions by showing customers the engagement of others with your products. This is done by tracking sales on the product level and displaying this in strategic places.

Every day, we are given a 24-hour countdown timer and nothing stops the clock. And it’s obvious that this countdown pushes every one of us to try hard in whatever we do before it ticks over. Isn’t it?

So, counter countdown Increase sales with countdown a timer. Sales Countdown Timer extension for WooCommerce creates a sense of urgency that compels users to place orders right away. It is helping many e-commerce websites in their sales. This functionality did not exist before, but it was the need of merchants.

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