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Many people look forward to creating a website using WordPress because WordPress permits all the features and functionality that online store businesses required. These plugins help website owners with their business website so that they can gain the attention of the users which helps to expand the sales of products and services.

We are going to make a WordPress plugin by combining two different small plugins so that it will be easy for the user to get one plugin that has both functionalities. Our project is basically based on the Web plugin of WordPress. Further, A complete website will be made as well as its optimization which includes all seo factors such as on page and off page optimization of the website. These are basically for the website rank so that it will reach each and every user who has an online store and get the benefit of our product.

Relevance to Course Modules:

During our degree session, we have studied different language that we are going to use in our project as well such as:

  • MySQL database
  • JAVA Script
  • OOP
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS

Project Objectives:

The objective of the project is to make a website that includes a web plugin from where the user will be able to install it who have an Ecommerce store. We are going to provide a complete as well as efficient website to users from where they will be able to get our Extension easily. Further there will be a section of content for the user that includes each and every detail like how to install that extension and what kind of product can provide benefits to them rather than getting it from other sources.

Project overview:

As we said earlier, our project consists of two major modules, the second one is product sales counter. Our project helps you to show the number of sold items on product details page and shop page. The main purpose is to show the number of sold items on every product, displaying a sale counter helps merchants create trust in customers’ minds by showing them a product’s popularity.

With the E-Commerce website for WooCommerce, you can display your product’s sales count. Unlike other extensions, you can add in-store sales for each product to reflect the true sales count. The extension displays total sales which include sales made online and at your physical store locations. Online sales are automatically generated from your order history.

Likewise, talking about the counter countdown, this helps the website owner to create a very nice and intuitive timer within a few minutes. The customer will be able to know about every sale when the admin will mention the date and time of sales of specific product or for a specific category or section so that they don’t goanna missed it and it also helps the admin to put sales at specific times on his product so that it will be easier for users.

The user interface will be also quite friendly and the admin can easily understand each and every function while making changes in the product. Updates will be provided to the admin every six months and there will be no charges for updating as well as installation and 6th-month free support. Similarly, a proper site will be made for the customer who needs such an extension where step by step procedure or a separate blog section will be added in the website which includes a guideline like how to use and install our product.

Project Scope:

The system will be for all WordPress users whether National or International level because we are going to target as a whole. This kind of work can be done by a seo factor called keyword research where users who need our product whether searching or looking for it from Pakistan or from overseas.

Currently, there is not many websites that is providing such an extension in Pakistan and the demand is increasing day by day as each and every day thousands of people are converting into an online system by replacing the old trend of marketing of their product physically.

Tools and Technologies:

Tools for Development:

  • Our web extension is based on the following tools and computer languages.

Back-end Tools and Technologies:

  • Localhost SQL Server updated version (not mandatory).

Front-end Tools and Languages:

  • CSS
  • Xampp


  • Computers equipped with a Pentium 4 processor or higher, the computer must have approximately 100MB of free hard drive space and 128MB of RAM.


  • Google chrome Version Server-side operating system windows server
  • Client-side operating system Android, windows XP and above
  • Woo commerce submenu.
  • Local Host (PHP myadmin sql) For Database. Command prompt to fix errors that are caused during the code writing.

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