Functional requirement of online shopping System

Functional requirement of online shopping System

Various functional modules can be implemented by the system. it provides a requirement overview of the system.


  • Master Maintenance:-

 Is the system that maintains the detail of the products and their hierarchy attributes (size, weight, cost etc) The two main components of master maintenance are as follows.

  • Product master:-

It’s include the information of the products, item no, size, categories etc. it’s is also the admin of vendor or seller where they can put the information of the products in websites.

  • Price master:-

Only for the price of the products and applicable discount of the products.

  • Transection:-

 Transaction is a payment method in which the transfer of money of buying products. This process is secure and password protected. Three steps involved in the online transaction are Registration, Placing an order, and, Payment.

  • Reporting:-

After ordering for the product, the system will sent one copy of the bill to the customer’s Email-address and another one for the system data base.

  • Stock Report:-

Produce the quantity of the products available and status of the products.

  • Order Report:-

List of the products that can be buy by the customer. Who can bought?

  • Delivery Report:-

List of the products that can be delivered to the customer.

  • Registration:-

Customer wants to buy the product then he/she must be registered, unregistered user can’t go to the shopping cart.

  • Login:-

Customer logins to the system by entering valid user id and password for the shopping.

  • Changes to Cart:-

Changes to cart means the customer after login or registration can make order or cancel order of the product from the shopping cart.

  • Payment:-

 In this system we are dealing the mode of payment by Cash. We will extend this to credit card, debit card etc. in the future.

  • Logout:-

 After ordering or surfing for the product customer has to log out.

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