PPT Presentation of Online Examination System

PPT Presentation of Online Examination System.


HTML :  Hypertext Markup Language

CSS:  Cascading Style Sheets

SQL :   Structured Query Language

PHP:  Hypertext Pre-processor

ERD:   Entity Relationship Diagram


Result calculated in less time

Time Saving



Access to new-data

User –friendly


Online examination is fast developing method

It is also needed less manpower handle examination

Organizations can also easily monitor

Requirement is significantly

Saving the time and effort

Prepare the results report


Main objectives of our project are:

  • To provide an interface through which student can appear for examination online for objective type questions.
  • To provide registration for students done by themselves.
  • When the student starts the exam the timer will start automatically and show the student how much time is left
  • To provided user name and password facility.


The main problem statement of the our project is “to design and implement the online examination system using PHP language”.



Requesting registration

Logging into the system

Selecting the test

Appearing for the examination

Printing  the result at the end of examination

Reviewing the given response


Editing/deleting/creating the database

Accepting registration of candidates

Changing the password

Logging into the system

Time limit of the test if any

Marking correct answer with in the given option

Set negative marks for wrong response

Software/Tools Requirements

  • Designing Tool :HTML,CSS,php,java script
  • Front End Tool   :XAMPP Server
  • Database Tool    :SQL Server
  • Documenting Tool: MS-Word

Functional Requirements

      1. Sign Up:
      2. Login:
      3. Create User:  
      4. Create Question:.
      5. Create Exam:  
      6. Answer Question:.

Download PPT Presentation of Online Examination System

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