Research Project Ideas on interfacial phenomena

Research Project topics of  interfacial phenomena

1. Numerical studies on CALM buoy motion responses and the effect of buoy geometry cum skirt dimensions with its hydrodynamic waves-current interactions
2. Experimental and simulation investigations of the impact of polyacrylamide on CBM ad-/desorption
3. Limitation in velocity of converging shock wave
4. Robust data-driven human reliability analysis using credal networks
5. Facile co-removal of As (V) and Sb (V) from aqueous solution using Fe-Cu binary oxides: Structural modification and self-driven force field of copper oxides
6. Hyperbolic diffusion in flux reconstruction: Optimisation through kernel fusion within tensor-product elements
7. Visual investigation of the effect of clay-induced fluid flow diversion on oil recovery, as a low-salinity water flooding mechanism
8. Numerical evidence of anomalous energy dissipation in incompressible Euler flows: towards grid-converged results for the inviscid Taylor–Green problem
9. Fundamental Investigations of Bond Behaviour of High-Strength Micro Steel Fibres in Ultra-High Performance Concrete under Cyclic Tensile Loading
10. Ocean, Weather, and Climate Change

11. Switchable and simultaneous spatiotemporal analog computing with computational graphene-based multilayers
12. Shape optimization method for an inverse geometric source problem and stability at critical shape
13. Molecular Perspective on Solutions and Liquid Mixtures from Modelling and Experiment
14. Downstream variations of air-gap membrane distillation and comparative study with direct contact membrane distillation: A modelling approach
15. Information and Knowledge Organisation in Digital Humanities: Global Perspectives
16. Nanoindentation study of the oxide scale on FeCr alloy by high-pressure torsion
17. Hybrid Koopman model predictive control of nonlinear systems using multiple EDMD models: An application to a batch pulp digester with feed fluctuation
18. Thermal Modelling for Thermoelastic Analysis
19. A coupled creep and damage model of concrete considering rate effect
20. Review on chromium coated zirconium alloy accident tolerant fuel cladding

21. Ultrasonication induced nano-emulsification of thyme essential oil: Optimization and antibacterial mechanism against Escherichia coli
22. Remediation of petroleum-contaminated soil by ball milling and reuse as heavy metal adsorbent
23. Teachers learning to apply neuroscience to classroom instruction: case of professional development in British Columbia
24. Near-Field Imaging
25. Active control of the near-field radiative heat transfer between two metal plates through the external electric field
26. Hydrodynamic model of a collision of a spherical plastic ice particle with a perfectly rigid substrate
27. Reconstructing social networks of Late Glacial and Holocene hunter–gatherers to understand cultural evolution
28. Bifurcation analysis of oxidative coupling of methane in monolith, gauze or wire-mesh reactors
29. Oxygen reduction reaction properties of vacuum-deposited Pt on thermally grown epitaxial graphene layers
30. Investigation of the tribological and operational properties of (Mex, Moy, Al1-(x+ y)) N (Me–Ti, Zr or Cr) coatings

31. ENGEL Graphic Web Designer≡ QUALIFICAT≡ illustrat
32. Modeling of a membrane integrated catalytic microreactor for efficient DME production from syngas with CO2
33. Towards improved understanding of the hydrodynamics of a semi-partition bioreactor (SPB): A numerical investigation
34. Fate and transport modelling framework for assessing risks to soil and groundwater from chemicals accidentally released during surface operations: An …
35. A stochastically perturbed fluid-structure interaction problem modeled by a stochastic viscous wave equation
36. Quantum computing for chemical and biomolecular product design
37. Enhanced photoelectrocatalytic hydrogen evolution using off-stoichiometry La0. 43FeOy films
38. Multi-objective optimization of side plates in a large format battery module to mitigate thermal runaway propagation
39. Facile fabrication of BiVO4/Bi2S3/NiCoO2 for significant photoelectrochemical water splitting
40. Organic Superhydrophobic Coatings for PV Modules

41. Grain-size effects on mechanical behavior and failure of dense cohesive granular materials
42. Air quality modeling for impact evaluation of a mica, feldspar, and quartz mine in Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh, India
43. Applied machine learning in operations management
44. Insights from molecular dynamics on CO2 diffusion coefficient in saline water over a wide range of temperatures, pressures, and salinity: CO2 geological storage …
45. Influence of the microstructural homogeneity on the high-temperature oxidation behavior of a single crystalline Ni-base superalloy
46. Deep reinforcement learning based direct torque control strategy for distributed drive electric vehicles considering active safety and energy saving performance
47. An improved formula for incipient sediment motion in vegetated open channel flows
48. Electrochemical methods for landfill leachate treatment: A review on electrocoagulation and electrooxidation
49. Multihazard risk analysis and governance across a provincial capital in northern Iran
50. A semi-coupled aero-servo-hydro numerical model for floating vertical axis wind turbines operating on TLPs

51. Modelling of low-frequency acoustic wave propagation in dilute gas-bubbly liquids
52. Wide temperature cycling of Li-metal batteries with hydrofluoroether dilution of high-concentration electrolyte
53. Stress distribution optimization in dished ends of cylindrical pressure vessels
54. Study on solid block landslide generated tsunami using a modified δ-les-SPH model
55. Numerical evaluation of AGR-2 fission product release
56. A coupled discontinuous Galerkin-Finite Volume framework for solving gas dynamics over embedded geometries
57. Channel size effect on drift-flux parameters for adiabatic and boiling two-phase flows
58. Automated evolutionary approach for the design of composite machine learning pipelines
59. QBism: An Eco-Phenomenology of Quantum Physics
60. Surface modification of magnesium with a novel composite coating for application in bone tissue engineering

61. Big Data Mining and Complexity
62. Study on Numerical Simulation Methods for Hypervelocity Impact on Large-Scale Complex Spacecraft Structures
63. Nanocomposite nanofiltration membranes: State of play and recent advances
64. Correlation analysis between cationic metal characteristics and ion-exchange performance of brick-derived zeolites: A comprehensive mechanistic explanation
65. Water quality prediction on a Sigfox-compliant IoT device: The road ahead of WaterS
66. Development of novel flow distribution apparatus for simulated moving bed to improve degree of mixing
67. Power system protection
68. Advances and future outlook in epoxy/graphene composites for anticorrosive applications
69. Modal asynchronicity in pre-stressed continuous simply-supported beams with transversal and rotational oscillators
70. A Review on the Mental Workload and Physical Workload for Aircraft Maintenance Personnel

71. Effects of dye doping on electro-optical, thermo-electro-optical and dielectric properties of polymer dispersed liquid crystal films
72. Brain-inspired healthcare
73. Detailed experimental validation and benchmarking of six models for longitudinal tensile failure of unidirectional composites
74. Comprehensive review on the strategies for controlling the interconnection of AC and DC microgrids
75. Numerical modeling of repaired reinforced concrete bridge columns
76. Smart mechanical powder processing for producing carbon nanotube reinforced aluminum matrix composites
77. Pounding of structures at proximity: A state-of-the-art review
78. Fundamental building blocks of whole-cell biosensor design
79. Research on thermal-driven smoke control by using smoke curtains during a subway platform fire
80. Enhanced light-to-thermal conversion performance of all-carbon aerogels based form-stable phase change material composites

81. Recent progress in matter in extreme states created by laser
83. Long-term Thermo-hydraulic Response of the Shallow Subsurface soil in the Vicinity of a Buried Horizontal Heat Source
84. Particle size distribution influence on capacitive deionization: Insights for electrode preparation
85. Statistical evaluation of experimental and numerical data of stick–slip effects in harmonically excited systems
86. The origin of the surface barrier in nanoporous materials
87. Towards AI-enabled traffic management in multipath TCP: A survey
88. Formation sequence of solid electrolyte interphases and impacts on lithium deposition and dissolution on copper: an in situ atomic force microscopic study
89. Exploration of supervised machine learning models to detect epileptic seizures from Heart Rate Variability features
90. Influence of concentration gradient on detonation re-initiation in a bifurcated channel

91. RayActive: An all-in-one R2S neutron induced activation analysis tool based on new intrinsic resolution methods.
92. The Dark Side of Modularity: How Decomposing Problems Can Increase System Complexity
93. Lanthanum hydroxide engineered sewage sludge biochar for efficient phosphate elimination: mechanism interpretation using physical modelling
94. Computer-based guidance to support students’ revision of their science explanations
95. Pore-scale CFD simulations of clay mobilization in natural porous media due to fresh water injection
96. The state of art on the prediction of efficiency and modeling of the processes of pollutants removal based on machine learning
97. Enhancing the learning process of folk dances using augmented reality and non-invasive brain stimulation
98. Improving the analysis of biological ensembles through extended similarity measures
99. Simulation of proppant transport at intersection of hydraulic fracture and natural fracture of wellbores using CFD-DEM
100. Experimental Study on CaCO3 Fouling Characteristics During Falling Film Evaporation

101. Symbolic deep learning based prognostics for dynamic operating proton exchange membrane fuel cells
102. Modeling of the hydrogen sorption kinetics in an AB2 laves type metal hydride alloy
103. Dynamic characteristics of a wind turbine gearbox with amplitude modulation and gravity effect: Theoretical and experimental investigation
104. Propulsive jet aerodynamics and aeroacoustics
105. Hetero-aggregation behaviour of green copper nanoparticles: Course interactions with environmental components
106. The link between spinal cord stimulation and the parasympathetic nervous system in patients with failed back surgery syndrome
107. Enhancing Signal in Noisy Environment: A Review
108. SOLPS-ITER simulations of a CPS-based liquid metal divertor for the EU DEMO: Li vs. Sn
109. Diverse key nitrogen cycling genes nifH, nirS and nosZ associated with Pichavaram mangrove rhizospheres as revealed by culture-dependent and culture …
110. Modeling the competition between solid solution and precipitate strengthening of alloys in a 3D space

111. Wellbore storage removal in pressure transient analysis for gas wells
112. Numerical Simulation of Rock Thermal Fracture Considering Friction Effect in the Framework of Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics Based on Total Lagrangian …
113. Power analysis and type I and type II error rates of Bayesian nonparametric two-sample tests for location-shifts based on the Bayes factor under Cauchy priors
114. Equine influenza
115. Mechanistic insights into soil heavy metals desorption by biodegradable polyelectrolyte under electric field
116. Extended finite element simulation on Tensile, fracture toughness and fatigue crack growth behaviour of additively manufactured Ti6Al4V alloy
117. Growth competition between columnar dendritic grains–The role of microstructural length scales
118. Revisiting OD-stretching dynamics of methanol d4, etha

119. Evolving from Farming Systems Research to a more Holistic Approach: Experiences in the Andean Region1
120. Grain Boundary and Misorientation Angle Dependent Thermal Transport in Single-layer MoS 2
121. The 2020 global stock market crash: Endogenous or exogenous?
122. Effect of turbulence dispersion on bubble-particle collision efficiency
123. MultivariateApart: generalized partial fractions
124. Machine learning and materials informatics approaches in the analysis of physical properties of carbon nanotubes: A review
125. Medical Imaging Technologies and Imaging Considerations for 3D Printed Anatomic Models
126. The impact of quantity of lipid based formulations with different compositions on the oral absorption of ritonavir: A trade-off between apparent solubility and …
127. Business Innovation based on artificial intelligence and Blockchain technology
128. Numerical calculation and experimental measurement for gear mesh force of planetary gear transmissions

129. Sustainable Supply Chain Finance and Supply Networks: The Role of Artificial Intelligence
130. Analysing regular nonlinear vibrations of nano/micro plates based on the nonlocal theory and combination of reduced order modelling and multiple scale method
131. Cluster-based acoustic emission signal processing and loading rate effects study of nanoindentation on thin film stack structures
132. A multiscale high-cycle fatigue-damage model for the stiffness degradation of fiber-reinforced materials based on a mixed variational framework
133. Multiphase Flow Kinetic Theory, Constitutive Equations, and Experimental Validation
134. Can Eco-Evo Theory Explain Population Cycles in the Field?
135. Gas diffusion layer for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
136. Laboratory-scale investigation of a periodically forced stratified basin with inclined endwalls
137. Health economics and financing
138. Magnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles loaded papaya (Carica papaya L.) seed powder as an effective and recyclable adsorbent material for the separation of anionic azo dye …

139. Application of Small French Corpus in Computer Aided French Teaching
140. Near-wall flow response to large air bubbles rising in inclined water channels
141. Numerical study of single droplet drying in an acoustic levitator before the critical point of time
142. Evaluation of circulating temperature in wellbores using drilling microchips: Modeling and case studies
143. Fokas diagonalization of piecewise constant coefficient linear differential operators on finite intervals and networks
144. Effects of reinforcement ratio on seismic performance of hypothetical stations determined by full-scale central column tests
145. Decision-Making in Damage Control Surgery
146. A Mini Review of Materials Used as Improvers for Insect and Arthropod Pest Repellent Textiles
147. Characterizing dynamic deformation of marine propeller blades with stroboscopic stereo digital image correlation

148. Use of a new zwitterionic cellulose derivative for removal of crystal violet and orange II from aqueous solutions
149. Automated fatigue damage detection and classification technique for composite structures using Lamb waves and deep autoencoder
150. Double Scalar Variables Plastic-Damage Model for Concrete
151. Capillary electrophoresis for enzyme-based studies: Applications to lipases and kinases
152. 1D_RnDPM: A freely available 222Rn production, diffusion, and partition model to evaluate confounding factors in the radon-deficit technique
153. Full life-cycle monitoring and earlier warning for bolt joint loosening using modified vibro-acoustic modulation
154. Teammate invitation networks: The roles of recommender systems and prior collaboration in team assembly
155. Speech Quality Assessment
156. Overparenting, emotion dysregulation, and problematic internet use among female emerging adults

158. The theater of fake news spreading, who plays which role? A study on real graphs of spreading on Twitter
159. Photothermal AFM-IR spectroscopy and imaging: Status, challenges, and trends
160. A new method for prediction of power coefficient and wake length of a horizontal axis wind turbine based on energy analysis
162. Recent progress and perspectives of catalyst design and downstream integration in biomass tar reforming
163. Special Needs Assessment in Bilingual School-Age Children in Germany
164. Microstructural characteristics of the Al alloys
165. An intelligent sustainability evaluation system of micro milling
166. TMS-EEG responses across the lifespan: Measurement, methods for characterisation and identified responses
167. Torque allocation of four-wheel drive EVs considering tire slip energy

168. Heat transfer in food cooling applications
169. Symposium Talk:” Recent advances in interpreting deep-marine deposits
170. ” Recent advances in interpreting deep-marine deposits
171. The Economics of Digital Transformation: The Disruption of Markets, Production, Consumption, and Work
172. A self-tuning client-side metadata prefetching scheme for wide area network file systems
173. Water and Energy Budgets of Snow-Covered Montane Forests: Observations, Remote Sensing, and Modeling
174. Extended knowledge overextended?
175. Taxation and Law and Political Economy
176. A state‐dependent linear recurrent formula with application to time series with structural breaks

interfacial phenomena Research Topics Ideas

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