Research Projects Ideas Quantum computation

Quantum computation Research Projects Ideas, Topics, and Areas

Here, I am sharing with you a list of Quantum computation Research Topics ideas MS Ph.D.

1. Spin and charge localization due to the interplay of Ac gate voltage and spin–orbit interaction
2. An ADA’-DA type unfused nonfullerene acceptor for organic solar cells with approaching 14% efficiency
3. Band alignment transition from type I to type II in GaAs/AlxGa1-x As quantum ring
4. Post-Quantum Variants of ISO/IEC Standards: Compact Chosen Ciphertext Secure Key Encapsulation Mechanism from Isogenies
5. Properties of the Hamiltonian Renormalisation and its application to quantum mechanics on the circle
6. Flexible quantum protocol for nearest private query
7. A new form of liquid matter: Quantum droplets
8. A user-friendly, Python-based quantum mechanics/Gromacs interface: gmx2qmmm
9. Self-calibration for linear structured light 3D measurement system based on quantum genetic algorithm and feature matching
10. Performance optimization for drift-robust fidelity improvement of two-qubit gates
11. Quantum inflation: A general approach to quantum causal compatibility
12. Tunable coupling architecture for fixed-frequency transmons
13. Space-time computation and visualization of the electromagnetic fields and potentials generated by moving point charges
14. Robust implementation of generative modeling with parametrized quantum circuits
15. Optical image encryption based on quantum walks
16. Board games for quantum computers
17. Lattice setup for quantum field theory in
18. Disorder-enhanced and disorder-independent transport with long-range hopping: Application to molecular chains in optical cavities
19. Verifying solutions to LWE with implications for concrete security
20. Neural Networks for Estimating Speculative Attacks Models
21. Semi-Device-Independent Heterodyne-Based Quantum Random-Number Generator
22. Crystal structure determination, hirshfeld surface analysis and quantum computational studies of (3E, 5E)-1-ethyl-3, 5-bis (naphthalen-1-yl-methylidene) piperidin-4 …
23. Quantum Algorithm for Boolean Equation Solving and Quantum Algebraic Attack on Cryptosystems
24. On the classical capacity of quantum Gaussian measurement
25. Stereodynamical Control of Nonadiabatic Quenching Dynamics of OH (A2S+) by H2: Full-Dimensional Quantum Dynamics
26. Approximate solutions of the Schrodinger equation with Hulthen-Hellmann Potentials for a Quarkonium system
27. Experimental simulation of the parity-time symmetric dynamics using photonic qubits
28. Indexed bibliography of genetic algorithms in physical sciences
29. Quantum Generative Models for Small Molecule Drug Discovery
30. Narrow quantum rings with general Rashba and Dresselhaus spin-orbit interactions
31. The Problem with Grover-Rudolph State Preparation for Quantum Monte-Carlo
32. A Secure Multi-Party Computation Protocol for Universal Data Privacy Protection Based on Blockchain
33. Model reduction techniques for the computation of extended Markov parameterizations for generalized Langevin equations
34. Quantum string cosmology
35. Log-modular quantum groups at even roots of unity and the quantum Frobenius I
36. Minimal parsimonious chunking of written language: investigating the storage-computation trade-off as a driving principle in chunk formation
37. Challenges and clarification on creating input files for metallic materials in the noncollinear spin-orbit case and band structure within GGA in Quantum Espresso: Ni as …
38. … Perturbation Method to the Time-Fractional Black–Scholes Equations Based on the Katugampola Fractional Derivative in Caputo Type. Computation 2021, 9, 33
39. Elementary example of exact effective-Hamiltonian computation
40. Three-wave mixing kinetic inductance traveling-wave amplifier with near-quantum-limited noise performance
41. A Digital Quantum Algorithm for Jet Clustering in High-Energy Physics
42. PLEASE CITE THIS ARTICLE AS DOI: 10.1063/5.0032128
43. Quantum mereology: Factorizing Hilbert space into subsystems with quasiclassical dynamics
44. Tunable chiral bound states with giant atoms
45. Self-induced glassy phase in multimodal cavity quantum electrodynamics
46. Monte Carlo computation of 3D distributions of stopping power ratios in light ion beam therapy using GATE-RTion
47. Silicon photonics interfaced with integrated electronics for 9 GHz measurement of squeezed light
48. Quantum Cognitively Motivated Decision Fusion for Video Sentiment Analysis
49. [CITATION][C] Towards a Quantum Future
50. FORTRESS: FORTRAN programs for solving coupled Gross–Pitaevskii equations for spin–orbit coupled spin-1 Bose–Einstein condensate
51. Massively parallel quantum chemical density matrix renormalization group method
52. Hardware-encoding grid states in a nonreciprocal superconducting circuit
53. Gravity field mapping using laser-coupled quantum accelerometers in space
54. Quantum subalgebras of BCD type and symmetric polynomials
55. Spectroscopic, quantum chemical, hydrogen bonding, reduced density gradient analysis and anti-inflammatory activity study on piper amide alkaloid piperine and …
56. An efficient approach for privacy preserving decentralized deep learning models based on secure multi-party computation
57. Continuous-variable quantum cryptography with discrete alphabets: composable security under collective Gaussian attacks
58. Fractional supersymmetric quantum mechanics and lacunary Hermite polynomials
59. DMRG on Top of Plane-Wave Kohn–Sham Orbitals: A Case Study of Defected Boron Nitride
60. Remarks on the hidden symmetry of the asymmetric quantum Rabi model
61. Single-crystal 3C-SiC-on-insulator platform for integrated quantum photonics
62. Stripping the planar Quantum Compass Model to its basics
63. Error-free affine, unitary, and probabilistic OBDDs
64. The study of a better complex configuration is included at the highest polar determination of D-lemons with the ß-Cyclodextrin by atomic computation
65. Analysis and Computation of Solutions for a Class of Nonlinear SBVPs Arising in Epitaxial Growth
66. proline ring flexibility in the poly-L-proline type II polymer. JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL THEORY AND COMPUTATION. 13 (1) pp: 370-379.
67. Fermionic systems for quantum information people
68. Cellular Automata on Quantum Annealing Systems
69. Circulator function in a Josephson junction circuit and braiding of Majorana zero modes
70. Excited state quantum phase transitions in the bending spectra of molecules
71. Characterizing decoherence rates of a superconducting qubit by direct microwave scattering
72. [BOOK][B] Quantum field theory, equivariant cohomology, symplectic geometry and moduli spaces of vector bundles on Riemann surfaces
73. Quantum dynamics in the interacting Fibonacci chain
74. New monogamy relations for multiqubit systems
75. Phase constants in the Fock–Goncharov quantum cluster varieties
76. On quantum hybrid fractional conformable differential and integral operators in a complex domain
77. Quantum-classical correspondence on associated vector bundles over locally symmetric spaces
78. Magnon-polaron formation in XXZ quantum Heisenberg chains
79. Episodic memory: Mental time travel or a quantum “memory wave” function?
80. How Machine Learning Accelerates the Development of Quantum Dots?†
81. Equilibrium and kinetic isotopic fractionation in the CO2 hydration and hydroxylation reactions: Analysis of the role of hydrogen-bonding via quantum mechanical …
82. Mathematics in Reality
83. Simulation of higher-order topological phases and related topological phase transitions in a superconducting qubit
84. Controllable reset behavior in domain wall-magnetic tunnel junction artificial neurons for task-adaptable computation
85. Optimizing radiotherapy plans for cancer treatment with Tensor Networks
86. Pretty good quantum state transfer on isotropic and anisotropic Heisenberg spin chains using engineered couplings
87. Holographic Axion Model: a simple gravitational tool for quantum matter
88. Simplified process of dissipation-based Greenberger–Horne–Zeilinger state generation with Lyapunov control
89. Polarization entanglement-enabled quantum holography
90. Rapid mixing of path integral Monte Carlo for 1D stoquastic Hamiltonians
91. Typicality of Heisenberg scaling precision in multimode quantum metrology
92. Relativistic distance-based topological descriptors of Linde type A zeolites and their doped structures with very heavy elements
93. Solution to the Quantum Symmetric Simple Exclusion Process: the Continuous Case
94. Quantum Monte Carlo study of the hardcore bosons with finite-range interactions in one-dimensional optical lattices
95. The Zak phase calculation of one-dimensional photonic crystals with classical and quantum theory
96. Characterization of Suspended Membrane Waveguides towards a Photonic Atom Trap Integrated Platform
97. Light’s interaction with pigments in chloroplasts: The murburn perspective
98. Origin of the anomalously low Raman exponents in single molecule magnets
99. BetheSF: Efficient computation of the exact tagged-particle propagator in single-file systems via the Bethe eigenspectrum
100. The general structure of the Decoherence-free subalgebra for uniformly continuous Quantum Markov semigroups
102. Geometrical bounds of the irreversibility in Markovian systems
103. Emergent rules of computation in the Universe lead to life and consciousness: a computational framework for consciousness
104. Entanglement induced by noncommutativity: anisotropic harmonic oscillator in noncommutative space
105. Secure Computation-and-Forward with Linear Codes
106. From Yijing to Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Physics
107. Searching for coherent states: From origins to quantum gravity
108. Cryptanalysis and improvement of “Game theoretic security of quantum bit commitment”
109. The Cosmological OTOC: A New Proposal for Quantifying Auto-Correlated Random Non-Chaotic Primordial Fluctuations
110. Torus spectroscopy of the Gross-Neveu-Yukawa quantum field theory: Free Dirac versus chiral Ising fixed point
111. Connecting ansatz expressibility to gradient magnitudes and barren plateaus
112. Modulation instability analysis and optical solitons in birefringent fibers to RKL equation without four wave mixing
113. Simultaneous Zeeman deceleration of polyatomic free radical with lithium atoms
114. High-fidelity measurement of a superconducting qubit using an on-chip microwave photon counter
115. Quantum logic is undecidable
116. Measure and detection of genuine multipartite entanglement for n-partite systems
117. Entropic bounds on information backflow
118. Appearance of ferromagnetism in Pt (100) ultrathin films originated from quantum-well states with small orbital magnetic moment
119. Spontaneous fractional Chern insulators in transition metal dichalcogenides Moire superlattices
120. Symmetry-Protected Topological relationship between and in Two Dimension
121. Towards a Topological Quantum Chemistry description of correlated systems: the case of the Hubbard diamond chain
122. Observation of energy-resolved many-body localization
123. Grover adaptive search for constrained polynomial binary optimization
124. Trading locality for time: certifiable randomness from low-depth circuits
125. Asymptotic security of discrete-modulation protocols for continuous-variable quantum key distribution
126. Experimental demonstration of the violation of the temporal Peres-Mermin inequality using contextual temporal correlations and noninvasive measurements
127. NTT Multiplication for NTT-unfriendly Rings
128. Time-rescaling of Dirac dynamics: shortcuts to adiabaticity in ion traps and Weyl semimetals
129. Z2× Z2-graded mechanics: the quantization
130. Classification of translation invariant topological Pauli stabilizer codes for prime dimensional qudits on two-dimensional lattices
131. Injective continuous frames and quantum detections
132. Local master equations bypass the secular approximation
133. Phase signature of topological transition in Josephson junctions
134. Accurate Spectral Collocation Computation of High Order Eigenvalues for Singular Schrödinger Equations
135. Perturbative quantum field theory on random trees
136. Multi-process analysis and portfolio optimization based on quantum mechanics (QM) under risk management in ASEAN Exchanges: A Case Study of Answering to the …
137. Quantum walks defined by digraphs and generalized Hermitian adjacency matrices
138. Floquet higher-order topological insulator in a periodically driven bipartite lattice
139. Molecular structure of 1, 2-diethyldiaziridine studied by gas electron diffraction supported by quantum chemistry calculations
140. A PDE Construction of the Euclidean F 3 4 Quantum Field Theory
141. Feasible and economical scheme to entangle a polarized coherent state and a polarized photon
142. Topological superconductivity in skyrmion lattices
143. A Mapping Scheme for mapping from Subsets of Complex Matrix spaces characterized by a given set of Global Mass and Alignment Factors to the set of …
144. Petrov–Galerkin method for the band structure computation of anisotropic and piezoelectric phononic crystals
145. Lattice-based Key-sharing Schemes: A Survey
146. Variational functionals for the driven quantum harmonic oscillator
147. Non-local entanglement and fast scrambling in de-Sitter holography
148. [BOOK][B] Statistical mechanics: entropy, order parameters, and complexity
150. Polarization of Germanium Quantum Dots in Heterostructure Ge/Si Caused by Spatially Indirect Exciton Transitions: Theory
151. Spectra of perfect state transfer Hamiltonians on fractal-like graphs
152. The stationary solution of a one-dimensional bipolar quantum hydrodynamic model
153. Random state technology
154. Detection of Tripartite Genuine Entanglement by Two Bipartite Entangled States
155. The full spectrum of AdS5/CFT4 II: weak coupling expansion via the quantum spectral curve
156. Ada Lovelace Director of Diversity, Flatiron Institute, CCA, 2019-2023 My role is to increase diversity in computation astrophysics by advising on gender balance …
157. Resonant excitation and purcell enhancement of coherent nitrogen-vacancy centers coupled to a Fabry-Perot microcavity
158. Photon-added BarutGirardello like coherent states of time-dependent Landau problem
159. Using spectral graph theory to map qubits onto connectivity-limited devices
160. Gaseous complex hydrides NaMH 4 and Na 2 MH 5 (M= B, Al) as hydrogen storage materials: a quantum chemical study
161. Identifying carbon as the source of visible single-photon emission from hexagonal boron nitride
162. Synthesis, characterization, anti-proliferative activity and chemistry computation of DFT theoretical methods of hydrazine-based Schiff bases derived from methyl …
163. Chirality Induced Spin Coherence in Electron Transfer Reactions
164. Finite-volume effects in long-distance processes with massless leptonic propagators
165. Quantumness of channels
166. Gradient forms and strong solidity of free quantum groups
167. Homomorphic Encryption
168. Matrix product operator symmetries and intertwiners in string-nets with domain walls
169. Asymmetry-induced nonclassical correlation
170. Fullerene Desymmetrization as a Means to Achieve Single-Enantiomer Electron Acceptors with Maximized Chiroptical Responsiveness
171. Tight upper bound on the quantum value of Svetlichny operators under local filtering and hidden genuine nonlocality
172. Dissipation-induced topological phase transition and periodic-driving-induced photonic topological state transfer in a small optomechanical lattice
173. Classical field theory limit of many-body quantum Gibbs states in 2D and 3D
174. Algebraic Approach to Bose–Einstein Condensation in Relativistic Quantum Field Theory: Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking and the Goldstone Theorem
175. O2 dissociative adsorption on the Cu-, Ag-, and W-doped Al(111) surfaces from DFT computation
176. A Survey of Solving SVP Algorithms and Recent Strategies for Solving the SVP Challenge
177. Molecular spectroscopic investigation, quantum chemical, molecular docking and biological evaluation of 2-(4-Chlorophenyl)-1-[3-(4-chlorophenyl)-5-[4-(propan-2-yl) …
178. Physics: External Reality—Time, Space and the Observer
179. Violation of Leggett–Garg Inequalities in a Kerr-Type Chaotic System
180. Characterizing topological order with matrix product operators
181. Fermionic quantum cellular automata and generalized matrix-product unitaries
182. Color Centers Enabled by Direct Femto-Second Laser Writing in Wide Bandgap Semiconductors
183. Matrix Product State Simulations of Non-equilibrium Steady States and Transient Heat Flows in the Two-Bath Spin-Boson Model at Finite Temperatures
184. Structural properties of hydrogen-like ions (Z= 1–18) under quantum and classical plasma environment
185. Inversion symmetry of singular values and a new orbital ordering method in tensor train approximations for quantum chemistry
186. Hole Spin Qubits in FinFETs With Fully Tunable Spin-Orbit Coupling and Sweet Spots for Charge Noise
187. Engineering of the qubit initialization in an imperfect physical system
188. Borel Sets in Reverse Mathematics
189. Equivalence checking of quantum finite-state machines
190. Bipartite entanglement of generalized Barut–Girardello nonlinear coherent states
191. Energy trading IoT system based on blockchain
192. Disentanglement approach to quantum spin ground states: field theory and stochastic simulation
193. Synthesis and characterization of Cd (L-Proline) 2 complex using vibrational spectroscopy and quantum chemical calculation
194. Knots and their related q-series
195. Inverse Proximity Effects at Spin-Triplet Superconductor-Ferromagnet Interface
196. Nanoelectronic Devices Enriching Moore’s Law
197. Maximal steady-state entanglement and perfect thermal rectification in non-equilibrium interacting XXZ chains
198. 4 vs 7 sparse undirected unweighted Diameter is SETH-hard at time
199. Optical vortex knots and links via holographic metasurfaces
200. Consciousness and the Collapse of the Wave Function
201. Robust Dynamical Decoupling for the Manipulation of a Spin Network via a Single Spin
202. Numerical solution of two and three dimensional time fractional damped nonlinear Klein–Gordon equation using ADI spectral element method
203. Magnetic bipolarity and other electronic aspects of (4, 4) silicon carbide nanotubes ((4, 4) SiCNT) decorated by light noble metals;(Cu, Ag)
204. QAOA-based Fair Sampling on NISQ Devices
205. A computation of the ring structure in wrapped Floer homology
206. Weyl josephson circuits
207. Total functions in QMA
208. Mechanistic understanding of entanglement and heralding in cascade emitters
209. The optimal estimation state of one-axis twisting model
210. Electric and magnetic fields inside neurons and their impact upon the cytoskeletal microtubules
211. Efficient and secure data sharing for 5G flying drones: a blockchain-enabled approach
212. Twist operators and pseudo entropies in two-dimensional momentum space
213. Fluctuating Nature of Light-Induced -Wave Superconductivity
214. The Entanglement of a Two-Atomic System in the Presence of a Silver Nanosphere
215. Fast and robust magnon transport in a spin chain
216. Order-Finding and Factoring
217. Single-spin resonance in a van der Waals embedded paramagnetic defect
218. Creating acoustic topological insulators through topology optimization
219. Gibbs flow for approximate transport with applications to Bayesian computation
220. Living Systems: The Epistemic Relation to Reality
221. Social Systems: Transformation of External Reality by Communicating, Reflexive Subjects
222. Universal fast-flux control of a coherent, low-frequency qubit
223. Green synthesis of novel carbohydrate polymer chitosan oligosaccharide grafted on d-glucose derivative as bio-based corrosion inhibitor
224. Breaking tweakable enciphering schemes using Simon’s algorithm
225. Circuit complexity from cosmological islands
226. Comparison between XY Spin Chains with Spin 1/2 or 1 Interacting with Quantized Electromagnetic Field by One and Two Photon Jaynes-Cummings Model
227. Approximate Bayesian computation for finite mixture models
228. Continuous-mode photon–phonon entanglement effects in optomechanical resonator–waveguide system
229. High field magneto-transport of mixed topological insulators Bi2Se3-xTex (x= 0, 1, 2 & 3)
230. Fast imaging of multimode transverse-spectral correlations for twin photons
231. Continuous-variable error correction for general Gaussian noises
232. Two distinct superconducting states controlled by orientation of local wrinkles in LiFeAs
233. Integrated structured light architectures
234. Dynamics of an atomic Bose–Einstein condensate interacting with nonlinear quantized field under the influence of Stark effect
235. Mitigating measurement errors in multiqubit experiments
236. Design of Superlens Using 2D Triangular Photonic Crystal Under Both TE and TM Mode of Propagations
237. Matrix constructs
238. Non-local boxes for networks
239. Optical Sensitivity of Waveguides Inscribed in Nanoporous Silicate Framework
240. Preparations and applications of single color centers in the diamond
241. Laplacian state transfer in total graphs
242. E cient Computation of Oscillatory Integrals via Adaptive Multiscale Local Fourier Bases
243. The Cryptography Challenge: the Next Decade
244. High-Coordinate Mononuclear Ln (III) Complexes: Synthetic Strategies and Magnetic Properties
245. A scheme for direct detection of qubit–environment entanglement generated during qubit pure dephasing
246. Germany’s Future in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry: a Special Issue Celebrating DEAL
247. Gigahertz phononic integrated circuits on thin-film lithium niobate on sapphire
248. Breakdown of Raman selection rules by Fröhlich interaction in few-layer WS 2
249. New planar P-time computable six-vertex models and a complete complexity classification
250. SAT-based and CP-based declarative approaches for Top-Rank-K closed frequent itemset mining
251. Graph isomorphism and Gaussian boson sampling
252. Reproducing kernel function-based Filon and Levin methods for solving highly oscillatory integral
253. Validation of the rapid detection approach for enhancing the electronic nose systems performance, using different deep learning models and support vector machines
254. Block generation in a two-dimensional space constructed by Hellinger metric and affinity for weather data fusion and learning inputs
255. Circuit-QED with phase-biased Josephson weak links
256. Electronic structure calculations with interpolating tensor product wavelet basis
257. Exact representations of many-body interactions with restricted-Boltzmann-machine neural networks
259. Series of Crystals with Giant Optical Anisotropy: A Targeted Strategic Research
260. Semi-insulating 4H-SiC lateral bulk acoustic wave resonators
261. Observer-dependent black hole interior from operator collision
262. Market Graph Clustering via QUBO and Digital Annealing
264. The cost of universality: A comparative study of the overhead of state distillation and code switching with color codes
265. The PPT2 conjecture holds for diagonal unitary covariant maps
266. The associahedron as a holographic entanglement polytope
267. Discrete gravity dynamics from effective spin foams
268. Electronic controllable broadband and robust terahertz surface plasmon-polaritons switch based on hybrid ITO waveguide coupler
269. A Review of Techniques for Implementing Elliptic Curve Point Multiplication on Hardware
270. Topological phases of quantized light
271. Optical Sensitivity of Waveguides Inscribed in Nanoporous Silicate Framework. Nanomaterials 2021, 11, 123
272. Hawking radiation by spherically-symmetric static black holes for all spins: I–Teukolsky equations and potentials
273. 6G networks: Beyond Shannon towards semantic and goal-oriented communications
274. Categorifying Non-Idempotent Intersection Types
275. Revealing the marked differences of phosphorescence efficiencies on C^N^N-coordinated Pt(II) complexes: A theoretical study
276. Comparative Computational Study of L-Amino Acids as Green Corrosion Inhibitors for Mild Steel
277. Integrating Metamaterial Antenna Node and LiFi for Privacy Preserving Intelligent COVID-19 Hospital Patient Management
278. Informational properties of holographic Lifshitz field theory
279. web models and spin interfaces
280. Phase Estimation and Its Applications
281. A computational interpretation of compact closed categories: reversible programming with negative and fractional types
282. Free energy from replica wormholes
283. Theory of topological spin Josephson junctions
284. Tighter uncertainty relations based on Wigner-Yanase skew information for observables and channels
285. Entanglement in Classical Light
286. Time delay in atomic and molecular collisions and photoionisation/photodetachment
287. Issues for the Future
288. Ultra-broadband Entangled Photons on a Nanophotonic Chip
289. A new corrosion inhibitor for steel rebar in concrete: Synthesis, electrochemical and theoretical studies
290. Bialgebraic foundations for the operational semantics of string diagrams
291. Presentations for Temperley-Lieb algebras
292. Enhanced Modulation and Noise Characteristics in 1.55 µm QD Lasers Using External Optical Pumping
293. Stable States with Non-Zero Entropy under Broken -Symmetry
294. A study of biharmonic equation involving nonlocal terms and critical Sobolev exponent
295. Influence matrix approach to many-body Floquet dynamics
296. STRING theorem from one dimension to high dimension
297. Correspondence principle for many-body scars in ultracold Rydberg atoms
298. Controlling the speed and trajectory of evolution with counterdiabatic driving
299. Optimal entanglement witnesses: a scalable data-driven approach
300. Un algorithme spectaculaire du calcul quantique: l’algorithme quantique de factorisation de Shor
301. Grundlagen des Quantencomputing

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