Functional requirements of Dress shop Management system Project

Functional requirements of Dress shop Management system Project

Functional specifications are the most important requirements that the application must meet. The customer is willing to use the programme because of their fulfilment.


The proposed framework contains features that appeal to various types of users. The subsections that follow display the practical criteria that the proposed framework must meet.


  • The functional specifications are broken down into two parts.
  • Administration Functional Requirements
  • User Functional Requirements

Administration Functional Requirements


With his special username and password, Admin would be able to log into the device.

Manage Products

Admin needs sufficient access to his system so he/she can manage item, form this he can keep a record of all the items.

View Order Detail

Having all of the necessary information about the order. The admin should be able to see every detail of every or

When objects are der.

Manage Categories

divided into sub-categories, categories are created. The admin has the authority to manage the categories, which are divided into sub-categories based on the requirements.

Manage Customers

Admin is in charge of customer info. The database would also keep track of the customers.

User requirements


If the user wants to buy the product and they have not already account then firstly they need to register himself.

View Products

User can view the products, which he/she wants.

Manage cart

The user will add the product to his or her cart that he or she wishes to purchase.

Place Order

When the user approves the request, it will be inserted into the system.


If the user wants to buy the product then firstly they sign in their id, which assigns him.


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