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Online Admission system  is web based online admission system. Online Admission system is the process whereby students directly registered himself in an Institute and our institute in Online Admission system  is National School & College. The main purpose of using online admission System Project is to avoid manual problems and also documentation storage problem we can’t maintain long period data that’s why we used computerized system to overcome all problem related to data storing and other arias.


The system enables the student to fill application forms online and submit it. They also submit their necessary documents like passport size photograph, certificates and mark sheets along with the identity proof. The Admin can view the application forms and can approve or disapprove them. He can submit the marks of the students. If it is approved, an email will be sent to the Student’s email ID and the admit card can be downloaded from the student’s account. The students can further view their results. This system helps in reducing the manual efforts and consumes less time.

 Purpose and Use

The objective of Online Admission system  is to minimize the problems that National School & college currently faces regarding their current system and to expand their business towards online system. The current system of National School & college is manual and paper based which has many problem and ambiguities like data and record maintenance.

Following are the some common problems with current system.

  • There is no proper record for student’s details of admission.
  • There is no source for Online payment
  • Time consuming
  • All information is not placed in centralized system.
  • Lots of paper work.
  • Slow data processing.
  • Not user friendly environment.
  • Difficult to find records due to file management system.

So our purpose is to provide a well-managed software system which provides the relief to the management of National School & College, as they are in trusted to get accurate and fast results from this software.

Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions

  • This software Requirements Specification (SRS) document is intended.
  • Developers: Determine the goals and mission of a website.
  • Users: The user will feel free to work on the website. Admin can easily manage their information.

Product Scope

The system is available on internet for websites users. Everyone in the city can get benefit from this program. This system maintains all the information of admission e.g Student information, documents like passport size photograph, certificates and mark sheets along with the identity proof. We improve this system by a surveying plenty of system that have no such information in a single system that we are providing.

Requirement Elicitation:


In different website there is issue coming to keep all the details of their customer hide and similarly, today every one want to things of their own choice, so for this purpose, We step forward to make Online Admission system  where everyone can easily access and unafraid of their personal information while uploading on this site.

 Project Dependencies:


Database is needed to store the data in my project.


Internet connectivity is compulsory to access my project because it can be use of online


Students and their registration play a vital rule in my project.


My project is also depended on administration of managing and controlling all the information.

Functional Requirements:

Online Admission System having a server which can be accessed through some registered systems for counselling and also the details of the students. Security would be provided by administrator by assigning login details to all the users of the system.

Requirement Analysis Phase II

List of Inputs to the System


The input will be given to system through keyboard.

Mouse will be used to select object over the display screen.

List of Output to the System


Output will be display on the screen.

There will be a web base application.

Output will be in the form of website.

Output will be shown on web browser

Hardware and Software Requirements

Hardware Requirements:

The system will use standard hardware and data communication resources.

This include, general network connection at the server hosting site, network server and network management tools.

Software Requirements:

As discussed above.


Operating system >> Window 10

Documentation tool >> Microsoft word

Development platform >> Notepad++

Server >>Xamp server

Php myadmin.

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