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These days’ people prefer renting over buying. Now, people have realized that those items are not just meant to lie in the formal, but can be a source of some extra wealth in the pocket. Every new or used item has a value. You must have heard of various online renting platforms. They have a great market and business owners are earning a good amount of money by investing in them. But all of them are niche-specific like car renting, property renting, etc.

What if a platform allows customers to rent multiple things in one place (cars, books, jewelry, digital gadgets, and much more)? This kind of one-stop solution shop surely promises a great future!

That’s what we are going to build for our final year project. We are going to introduce a website named “ONLINE RENTAL SYSTEM”.

This document contains detailed information about features and procedures to develop this Renting web application.

“online rental system” is a web application system. A similar rental system example is “PCredCom“. The “online rental system” is a platform where a person can offer any kind of gadget for rent over a reasonable price while another person (rentee) can directly approach him to rent his desirable product. So, by using this web application a person (Renter) offers his expensive gadgets for rent and can earn revenue from it, on the other hand, a person who cannot afford to buy products can rent his desirable product for a specific period on a specific price.

It’s a P2P business model, owners can list their products, and customers can either buy or rent them. The website keeper will get a commission on every deal


This web application provides a platform for everyone to be able to rent different things on a single place and rentees can access detailed information about the gadgets available for rent.

Project Background.

These days’ people prefer renting over buying. Now, people have realized that those items are not just meant to lie in the attic, but can be a source of some extra bucks in the pocket. Every item, new or used, has a value.

The best thing is that the qualities of products available with rental businesses are the best and they even offer the best support to the clients. In the past, present, and future with any time of business market ups and downs there might have space and scope always for rental industries. The rental business is nothing but simply sharing the unused with those who need it. The online business is on the rise and popular because of its unique idea and cost-effectiveness. The recent trend of renting rather than buying is changing the face of the rental industry because it is cost-effective and hence many entrepreneurs are focusing on customer support, providing good services to communicate better with customers.


  1. The main objectives of our project are:
  2. Provide a platform for the owner of products. Provide a platform for customer (rentees). Provide a complete website.
  3. Provide a user-friendly interface.
  4. To produce a web-based system that allows customers to register and reserve products. The main reason for the bloom of a rental business is that you can earn more profit without investment.
  5. A user can access this web application from all over Pakistan.
  6. This application can be used anywhere, anytime just needed a strong internet connection.
  7. Rentee just has to make an account to enter his information in the database for better usage.
  8. The renter can offer as many products as he/she wants for rent.
  9. The main feature of this application is that it is a location-based application which means that rentees can see all the ads for products that are nearby from
  10. His/her current location.

Development tools

The “online rental system” web application system would be developed using the following technologies and tools:

1. Front-End Tool: Sublime text 3/ visual studio code
2. Designing Tool: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript
3. Back-End Tool: Php, MySQL
4. Database Tool: XAMPP
5. Documenting Tool: MS-Word

Expected Outcome

The application is expected to:

Provide a simple and user-friendly interface.

Users can easily register themselves and maintain their accounts.

The database must have been working smoothly to store the information.

Study of purposed system

This website (“online rental system”) provides the facility for both renter and rentee to access the website as easily as they could be. The renter will be allowed to post his/her ads on the website after a quick sign up and the rentee by doing the same sign up can access the products which is been posted by the renter within his/her location.

Benefits of the proposed system

Nowadays buying an expensive product is not affordable for everyone:

The renter will be able to post his ads on the website.

The rentee will be able to access that post and contact the renter

The renter and rentee documentation/dealing/payment will be done face to face to avoid spam.

Functional Requirements of Online rental system

Some features of our system are given below

Functional capabilities:

The ultimate aim of this project is to provide a platform to both renter and rentee. This website helps them deal this easily with each other.

A renter is allowed to post multiple products and manage them in one account. A rentee is allowed to take only one product till he/she returns the previous.

In case of any spam/fraud, the user can report to the admin so that he/she will get penalized.

 Performance level:

The website gets the user’s exact location, address, CNIC, etc. it reduces the chance of spam and fraud cases.

Data structures:

The data in this project are maintained in the tabular form by using MYSQL in the XAMPP server in the form of a database. It provides easy access to the user information (renter and rentee) are easily maintained in the database which provides quick access


It is very much protected in such a way that it gives permission to the user to access only when the username and password are correct.

Users can only log in when they use the correct email password and CNIC. In the case of spam or fraud, the user can ask the admin to provide fraudulent information.


We assure you that the project is completely authenticated in order to enhance the security and corruption of the database as well as the website. The person is given access only if he/she has a valid email, password, and CNIC.

More helping material of Online rental system (Final Year Project – FYP)

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  7. ERD of Online rental system Entity Relationship Diagram
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  10. Code of Online rental system in PHP

Hopefully, this final year project (FYP, Capstone project, Software project, semester project, degree project) will well helpful for the students of BSCS, BSSE, BSIT, BCS (Software engineering, information technology, computer engineering and computer science) studying in a college, institute, and university.

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